If you need to have your EX-motor repaired, how can you be confident that your motor will be repaired to the correct standard to ensure you meet your responsibilities?

We would always recommend that you always choose a certified repair shop that can demonstrate to your satisfaction that they will meet all the required standards. Remember you can delegate responsibility for the repair, but you cannot delegate accountability for the condition of your equipment.

Taking responsibility for ex rated repairs

Operating equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres comes with a certain amount of responsibility, not least to use correctly designed components that have the features necessary for the environment. When maintenance and repairs are required, it is important that operators understand what is expected of them to ensure continued safety and reliability.

ADC Electrical are an AEMT Certified EX repairer

The Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades, giving you the confidence your motor will be repaired to the required standard.

Don’t take our word for it; visit the AEMT website who displays a current list of all registered EX repairers & their current certification levels. Make sure you protect yourself & others.